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golden sunrise

Perdido Street Station

sun pouring in like a waterfall and I rejoice in it as blooms burst from
my shoulders and my head and chlorophyll rushes invigoratingly
through my skin and I raise my great spined arms
     don't touch me like that I'm not ready you pig
     Look at those steamhammers! I'd like them if they didn't make make me work so!
       is this
      I am proud to be able to tell you that your father has consented to
our match
      is this a
      and here I swim under all this dirty water towards the looming
dark bulk of the boat like a great cloud I breathe filthy water that
makes me cough and my webbed feet push towards  
      is this a dream?
      light skin food air metal sex misery fire mushrooms webs ships
torture beer frog spikes bleach violin ink crags sodomy money wings
colourberries gods chainsaw bones puzzles babies concrete shellfish
stilts entrails snow darkness
      Is this a dream?

China Mieville